Story of Sayre Ambrosio

Queen of Taboo

Sayre started writing when she was little. Over the years, her writing transformed from poetry to short stories, to novellas, and finally, she found her sweet spot writing erotica (though she does write in other genres as well). When she's not writing she spends time with her husband and kids, pit bull, and reading (of course). She also is a B horror movie addict. One of her favorite movies is The Human Centipede if that tells you anything. Coffee , music, and her pibble Layla Grace are the three things that are a must when she is writing.

For years Sayre kept her darker writing to herself. The few times that she shared it, the reactions were extreme. Some appalled at the dark undertones and storylines, some telling her that they wanted more.


Sayre realized then that TABOO meant something different to each person and that there was always going to be someone who wasn't happy with what they experienced. It was time to stop letting other people dictate the content she put out in the world.

This realization gave birth to the Queen of Taboo.

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